Welcome St Mary Staunton on Wye. Here you can find all the latest news from our church. You can still access pictures and historical information by clicking on ‘old parish website’ from the home page.

But first the important information.

Temporary closure of St Mary’s Church, Staunton-on-Wye.

Following a fall of plaster from the roof of St Mary’s Church, Staunton-on-Wye, and the safety concerns that raises, the church is now temporarily closed and unavailable for services pending an architect’s inspection.

Members of the public are urged to stay away from the church until it is declared safe once again. Until further notice our congregation is worshipping with the congregation at St John the Baptist Church, Letton HR3 6DH, at 10.30am on the first and third Sundays of the month.

The Rev’d Sean Semple, Rector, on behalf of the St Mary’s PCC.


Our postcode is HR4 7NE and the Church is always open during daylight hours, so do feel free to pop in.


Inclusive Church

 “We believe in Inclusive Church – church which does not discriminate, on any level, on grounds of economic power, gender, mental health, physical ability, ethnicity, race, marital status or sexuality.

We believe in Church which welcomes and serves all people in the name of Jesus Christ; which chooses to interpret scripture inclusively; which seeks to proclaim the Gospel afresh for each generation; and which, in the power of the Holy Spirit, allows all people to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Jesus Christ.”


News from our church

Please click  on the link below to look at progress photos  from July-December 2019. We would like to thank Hook Mason Ltd for taking these photos. We are nearing completion and are very excited that we will be holding our services from St Mary’s once again in the near future – keep checking this website for more news soon.

Progress photos [July – December 2019]

Work in progress at St Mary’s

Work on the church has begun



Coffee Morning and Fun Dog Show




Musical Afternoon with Staunton-on-Wye Primary School

Harvest Festival – Report

We enjoyed a fabulous Harvest Festival at Staunton on Wye on 9 September. Thanks to all who prepared the church and refreshments; our bell ringers; the Staunton Community Choir and preacher, Rev Charles Overton. Part of the collection will go to Borderlands Rural Chaplaincy who provide support to our local farmers. Here are some photos of the day.



Harvest Festival – Sunday 9 September

Harvest Festival season starts this Sunday 9 September at St Mary Staunton-on-Wye. The traditional Harvest Festival service starts at 3pm, and there will be a collection for Borderlands Rural Chaplaincy, which offers pastoral care to farmers.To St Mary’s Staunton-on-Wye PCC members

HLF Announcement of Restriction in their grants

We have been informed by the Heritage Lottery Fund that as there has been a reduction in the money they receive from the National Lottery they will have to introduce a degree of rationing in the grants that they make. They say that they will not be funding at Round Two all projects which were given development funding at Round One.  They do offer some encouragement by adding “We do expect healthy success rates, but they will not be as high as they have been in the past given the pressures on our funds.”

This is not altogether surprising as we knew that they had already suffered a reduction in the funds they are receiving from the National Lottery Fund.   You will recall that when we told HLF that the lowest of six tenders we had received for the Construction Stage was £30/40,000 higher than the amount they had indicated when they responded to our Round 1 Application they replied that they would not be able to increase the amount they had previously indicated.

We were expecting a response to our Round Two application in September but as they will need time to compare our application with others there may be a delay in their response.

As so much effort has been expended in raising money and our supporters and other grant-making bodies have been so generous this news is very disappointing. Please hold the Project and all the other work of our church in your prayers.

Henry Verwey. 31 July 2018.

Building Repair Project – Situation Update

I give below the Situation Update on the assumption that we are successful in obtaining the second round grant that HLF indicated in the first round offer letter. We have been informed by HLF, however that that may not be the case.  Because of a decrease in the funds they receive from the National Lottery, HLF have announced that “all applicants should expect competition at all stages of the application process”.  This is explained more fully in a separate note which is also posted on the website.

 We have now completed the Development stage of our Church refurbishment Project when the detailed specifications are prepared and costed. We are moving to the Delivery stage when the actual repair work is carried out together with some improvements including the installation of an accessible toilet and basic catering facilities.

In their response to our Development stage application the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) indicated that subject to certain conditions that they would grant approximately 70% of the money required for the whole of the repair work and a limited amount of additional work (the installation of an accessible toilet) which then totalled £227,500 (excl. VAT which should be recoverable). For the Development stage they made a grant of up to £13,900.

When we invited tenders from six construction firms for the Delivery stage the lowest tender was £35/40,000 higher than the cost of the project assumed by HLF when they made their first round grant offer. When we told HLF of this they said that because of a reduction in the money they get from the National Lottery they are unable to increase the money they indicated in response to our Round 1 application.

To reduce the cost to a level that would meet HLF’s limit it was necessary to consider items which could be postponed. Our architects did this essentially by identifying the repair items which did not require scaffolding. At a meeting we then had with them we accepted their suggestions subject to some minor changes.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, the efforts of our funding-raising group and the offers of grants from HLF and other trusts we had enough money available to cover the cost of the repairs which could not be postponed and some improvements. We will be appealing to other trusts for grants to carry out as much of this work as we can.

Henry Verwey: July 2018