Re-dedication of Historic Altar Frontal

When Weobley Church was having major work done some 10 years ago, Eunice Hayward, a congregation member, rescued from a skip a very dilapidated altar frontal. She asked Jane Lloyd if anything could be done to repair it. Realising that the restoration would be difficult, Jane passed it to the Broiderers’ Guild at the Cathedral. The much-restored frontal was re-dedicated at Weobley on Sunday, October 20.
There remained the question of what to do with the remains of the old one which had been consecrated, it is thought, about 150 years ago. There is a possibility it could have had a connection with Leila Peploe, who gave the chancel reredos and north side chancel window, which bears similarities to the vase motif on the frontal.
The pictures show the restored frontal, the remains being destroyed in the churchyard and flowers placed on Eunice’s grave as a token of gratitude for her initiative.

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