Thanks from Hans and Doris Moerman

An autographed copy of Michael Tavinor’s book ‘Saints and Sinners of the Marches’ was sent to Hans and Doris Moerman as a gift for their many years of hard work on Pilgrim. They sent this heartfelt response.

“What an enormous surprise! Is that package really for us? Then, realizing it was, we were both moved to tears by your thoughtfulness and such a lovely note. The book is incredibly appropriate and to have the personal dedication by the Dean makes it even more special.

“It was our pleasure to do what little we could for all those years. We miss the church, our flat and all our friends more than we can say. Receiving the new weekly bulletin is a great help and much appreciated.

“Our medical situation remains much the same at present and we’re very grateful for your prayers.
Once again our heartfelt thanks to you and all the Parishes for such a wonderful gift.”

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