Wearing Face-coverings in Church

We have just received guidance from the Church of England that the wearing of face-coverings in church is recommended although not 
mandatory . Our feeling is that this is a matter that touches on personal responsibility and we noticed that the majority of the congregation at Weobley last Sunday felt comfortable wearing masks.


It has been decided that the interviews for the post of Incumbent of the Weobley and Staunton Group of Parishes will be held on 20th and 21st of October 2020.   As Chair of our Group Benefice Council I have had lengthy discussions with the Archdeacon who has been in close touch with our Bishop.  The Archdeacon explained that all the different ways of holding the interviews soon had been considered carefully but for legal and practical reasons covered by Covid 19 safety guidelines none of them was feasible.

The Archdeacon has assured us that when interviewing can begin again the benefices are scheduled in order of cancellation in March and Weobley & Staunton are scheduled to be first off the rank.  Candidates for the post remain anxious to be interviewed but have indicated they are prepared to wait until the proposed dates in October.

This remains a lengthy and frustrating delay but, in the meantime, we should thank our clergy team for all they have done in making sure our service schedules and ministry are sustained during this interregnum.

Roger Marshall

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