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Worship in times of Corona Virus

As we all certainly know, we are in the midst of the impact of this virus and we have to expect that it will be with us for some time longer. The Prime Minister has said that if we all follow the advice, then he hopes the peak will be reached by the end of June.
The advice for us all is set out clearly in many places (1)and we are very strongly urged to keep to it.
The Church is following this advice and this, sadly, has meant suspending all services, including weddings. Funerals can take place but only on a greatly reduced basis of attendance.


However, prayer, worship, reading scripture and everything that sustains our spiritual life should continue even if not in the church building. The one exception, and a serious one, is that will not be able to receive the Holy Communion even in the form of the consecrated bread.


Here are some ways in which we can all continue to be part of the worshipping life of the Church:

  • Join in with the Revd Marcus Small, Rector of Eardisley each day with daily prayer (2)
  • Listen to the Archbishop of Canterbury this Sunday on BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship at 0810 and all local radio stations in England at 0800
  • Archdeacon Derek is open to prayer requests twice daily (3)
  • The Taize community in France livestream their prayers everyday at 6.30 (4)

And we can use our imagination and creativity to come up with ways in which others can see that the worship of the church is continuing and we can pray for our families, communities, those with difficult responsibilities and for victims of the virus and its consequences

May we know the presence of God in the person of Jesus and in the power of the Spirit in these difficult times









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