How to Pray – Book Review and Home Group

ISBN 978-1-529-37492-6

Pete Greig has been teaching on prayer and involved in a non-stop prayer movement, 24-7 Prayer, since founding it over 20 years ago.

He is an Ambassador for the NGO Tearfund and an associate tutor at St Mellitus Theological College, London, and also leads a large church in Guildford called Emmaeus Road – as well as being an award-winning author.

His latest book, How To Pray, is based on Jesus’ teaching on how to pray which has also been compiled into the recited prayer we all know as The Lord’s Prayer. The four ‘movements’ of The Lord’s Prayer are Pause, Rejoice, Ask and Yield and Pete subdivides this outline into 12 concise, accessible “how to” chapters as follows:
1. Prayer Everywhere – why pray?
2. Keeping it Simple – starting out in prayer
3. Slowing and Centring – how to be still before God
4. Adoration – how to worship God
5. Petition – how to ask God
6. Intercession – how to ask God for others
7. Unanswered prayer – how to deal with disappointment
8. Contemplation – how to pray without words
9. Listening – how to hear God
10. Confession and Reconciliation – how to get right with God
11. Spiritual warfare – how to exercise spiritual authority
12. Amen.

A large prayer meeting led by Pete is a memorable experience. He combines spiritual authority and a gift for facilitation, with humour and approachability, shunning any sense of position or elevation. This, too, is the way he writes, conveying profound insights in a relaxed way with plenty of stories.

There is enough biblical reference around the Matthew 6:9-13 outline to make this a Bible study as well as a prayer study and it also acts as a companion to The Prayer Course from Holy Trinity Brompton available online as part of the Alpha stable.

  • The current home group meeting in Weobley, whose participants are drawn from across all the churches, will be using this content after Easter (Tuesday afternoons fortnightly). A second similar home group is under discussion. If you are interested in joining a new group or would like more information, why not contact Ian Greig, or Revd Sean Semple,

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