Group News

January 17th


We are live streaming on our Facebook page from Weobley Parish Church this morning (17th Jan) at 10.30 am – you can find us at

We will upload it to the website shortly afterwards.


January 9th

Changing service schedules


Once again we find ourselves in lockdown and while the government has not prevented churches offering public, communal worship it is evident that a significant number of churches across the country have decided that it would be prudent to put in place self-imposed closures. In our group there is still some consultation with the parishes and PCCs about what is best to offer but in the short-term you can see that tomorrow, Sunday 10th, the Eucharist at Weobley will go ahead but the Holy Communion at Staunton-on-Wye has been cancelled.


However, in order to provide the widest possible engagement with congregations there will be two online services on the usual Zoom login at 10.30am and an Evening Prayer (BCP) at 5.30pm. These service sheets can be found under the ‘week by week’, then ‘services’ tab.


A more detailed schedule, intended to see us safely through to the end of this latest lockdown, will be settled over the next few days and, as they say in legal circles, without prejudice, we expect that it will be, each Sunday, a public communal service at one of our larger churches and also a morning and evening online service.  the new schedule will be publicised in People & Steeple and on our website and Facebook site as soon as it is settled.


Our New Rector


Last week we let you know that there was an interview for the post of Rector for our group parishes, and as forecast to some degree, we had to change at the last minute from face-to-face interviewing to online interviewing.  With excellent technical support and decent broadband all was well and the candidate made such a good impression that the interviewing panel, which includes both the Archdeacon and Bishop of Hereford, as well as all the Parish Reps and Patrons, was strongly minded to offer to post to the candidate.  The offer is conditional, not least because the candidate must be allowed to see the Vicarage and work through a number of procedural matters with the Bishop’s Office, and for that reason alone you will understand why extreme confidentiality must be maintained by the Panel and your group officers.  That said, we do hope, the candidate will formally accept the offer and be able to join us in Herefordshire a little later in the year.     Roger Marshall






Weobley rallies to restore vandalised Nativity Crib


Many who live in the wider Weobley environs will have been upset to see, or hear about the vandalism that so defaced the Church’s Together in Weobley Nativity crib just before Christmas.  A regular, much-loved installation in the Rose Garden for many years now, the  crib was partially damaged and covered in graffiti during the hours of darkness.   But as ever, when things need sorting,  the village rallied to ‘put things right’ and nowhere was this more evident than the huge response to the initial post on the Word on Weobley Facebook site.  Offers of help to repair, donations for replacements, and expressions of support to the ‘recovery team’ were mixed with universal condemnation of the actions of a small number of vandals.


With this wind of support in the sails, the crib was restored to life and all seemed well.  However, Storm Bella had a different idea and once again at night, the crib was badly damaged, by nature this time.  So, and with regret, it was dismantled and returned to the store. But, rest assured, it will be back next year and mostly probably ‘bigger and better’ and for that the CTiW would like to thank the large number of people who expressed how much they felt it was an essential part of Christmas in Weobley.  Here’s to next year and a truly peaceful Christmas.



Churches Together in Weobley had a wonderful Carol service at the Rose Gardens on Saturday, it was both safe and enjoyable and thank you to all those that organised it and those that attended – we managed to raise a tremendous £245 for Crisis this Christmas.  In the aftermath of what followed the community has come together stronger and united in prayer.


Tier 1 –  but no change in church


While I think we may have been somewhat surprised by the announcement that Herefordshire was being re-classified as Tier 1, Tier 1 it is and that means, among other things, the ‘rule of six’ is back.  My guess however is that we’ll continue to be cautious and prudent as we tip over into 2021 and begin to see vaccines on the horizon;   I know some of us have already been to Leominster for the jab!


But, when it comes to church attendance the rules still apply as before and, as we come up to Christmas and some of our larger congregations potentially, can we urge everyone to stick to the rules and be guided by our churchwardens.  Please remember to bring and wear that mask, sanitise the hands, keep distanced and don’t sing out loud when in church.  In some services there will be small choirs and this is now allowed but sadly, we the congregation still can’t join in, so silent admiration is the name of game.


That said, let’s all share in the spirit of Christmas wherever we may be and give thanks for our many blessings as this difficult year slips away and  the new year appears before us, full of hope and mutual comfort

Roger Marshall







Produced three times a year. This publication includes news and information from right around our Diocese. It’s a pdf document which can be read online or downloaded.


Here is a video of a service down the road from our Parishes in Almeley.  Our Rural Dean,Guy Wilkinson, leads the inspirational service. We hope you enjoy it the service as much as we do.


Wearing Face-coverings in Church

We have just received guidance from the Church of England that the wearing of face-coverings in church is mandatory . Our feeling is that this is a matter that touches on personal responsibility.




Re-opening our churches – latest updates

Changes to the Government’s guidelines on worship in churches are now coming thick and fast and clearly July 4th is going to be a bit of a red-letter day.  Services – under controlled but as yet unspecified rules – will be allowed again, and we know we can hold weddings with up to 30 guests.

Hereford Diocese is working on the detail of this and as soon as it is available to us all, it will be published here and in People & Steeple, and locally of course.

In the meantime, and in line with recent Government guidelines, we are looking at how we can open our churches for individual private prayer and will post details as they become better established.

Each parish will be adopting its own tailored schedule and so it is advisable to look under individual church tabs to see how each parish church is moving forward with its plans for opening its doors once again.

For updates on Weobley, Letton, Byford, Norton Canon, Monnington and Sarnesfield parishes please visit their pages on the ‘Churches’ tab.


Please visit our Week-by-Week tab for details of our weekly Zoom Services and accompanying service sheets. Below is a link for a little taster of one of our Sermons that Rev’d John Thewlis gave us for Trinity Sunday.

Trinity Sunday 2020 sermon